capitalization through networking innovation

Minute cash

"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

The Minute Cash team consistently leads the industry in the brokerage of high dollar luxury items. What distinguishes our highly successful team of brokers from our competition, is that Minute Cash utilizes state of art technology and highly successful people to develop and maintain a network of buyers of automobiles, aircraft, homes and Rolex watches.

When a seller decides to sell a $20,000,000 business jet, a $5,000,000 home and/or a $250,000 sports car, the seller’s exposure to qualified buyers is less than 2%. 

In the majority of the sales transactions of the aforementioned types of luxury assets, tens of thousands of dollars are often left on the table, due to utilizing incompetent sales methods. 

Factor in a sellers need for an expedited sale, and the amount of money left on the table often increases as much as 40%-60%. 

The fact is that networking, whether it is through personal relationships and/or sales, is the strongest tool there is for outstanding results.  

Minute Cash expounds on the powerful tool of networking with state-of-the-art technology partnered with highly experienced people, to put together deals in a short period of time that maximize capitalization of the liquidation of high dollar luxury item assets.

Find out how the second to none networking innovation of Minute Cash will put more money in your pocket by contacting Minute Cash when you are ready to sell an aircraft, automobile, home and/or Rolex.


I cannot say enough good things about Minute cash. As a respected community leader and CEO, I expect people to do what they say when they say they are going to do it. Minute Cash is straight forward with no gimmicks. If you are looking for 'A' players, your search is over.

James Timmons - San Jose CA

I was introduced to Minute Cash about 2 months ago when I was about to give away my Learjet 5 out of frustration. The Minute Cash team found me a buyer in less than a week and I received more money than I had ever expected to sell it for. I highly recommend Minute Cash to anyone who needs experienced brokers.,

Javier Velasquez - Mexico City

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